• Innovative - Balti Dati software helps companies to get client feedback within their premises using tablets or laptops.
  • Saves time - we offer a number of templates or to develop a special survey to meet your needs.
  • Environment friendly solution - by using Balti Dati and not printing paper surveys - you save trees.
  • Interactive survey questionnaire design - easy to comprehend and fill out.
  • Client responds anonymously - therefore answers tend to be more true.
  • Multi language support - questionnaire in a number of languages.
  • The results are presented in graphic charts.
  • Be informed - in case of a low client satisfaction received an email momentarily.
  • Filter results - use an effective filter mechanism.
  • Comprehensive result interface – easy to perceive the results.
  • Get data also without WiFi.
  • Balti Dati works with iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Made in Latvia.